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How do we 'Ease digital' for brands?

Digital has gone wild. We all live in a digitalized environment, so most of us know how to talk digital with our suppliers, partners, tech providers, data analysts, media owners, content creators, social media influencers, and so, and so. 

Woooha. So dazzling! The problem is no longer talking digital and understanding how to manage partners and define KPIs, but rather deeply understand how all your activities are aligned to the same strategic marketing position, and acting on its behalf. In many brands, there is so much digital disorder. We seek to ease that.

Ok. So what does it mean?

It means that you need to jump to a higher level of knowledge, combined with deeper control over your efforts. This can be done by implementing focused strategic methods within your marketing activities, and by reducing (yes! not adding) distractions. 

We've built a unique modular program, that can lead you to digital ease. Through this program, we will help you refine your marketing activities, reduce & align resources, focus your media plan, find and sort the tech solutions that will allow you to work better and faster through agile delivery methods, and manage your suppliers much more efficiently. 

Let's dig deeper

We can help you in so many marketing and digital aspects. lets look at what we cover:

Digital & Marketing Ease

We will prioritize together your resources & marketing technologies through constructed processes. We'll redefine your marketing processes with strategic methods, to achieve positioning alignment and better brand results.

  • Digital positioning alignment

  • Marketing tech alignment

  • Mapping your suppliers' necessity 

  • ATL vs. BTL ratios

  • Budgets settings, Gantt & KPIs


Media Plan, Audit & Analytics

The most expensive part of your marketing activity is the media spend. We are experts in helping you manage media suppliers & optimize investments as a whole.

  • Brand & Performance campaigns

  • Assess and plan media channels

  • Media buying audit

  • Competition analysis

  • Data & targeting analysis

Consumer & Behaviour Analytics

Your assets & funnels contain a whole lot of insights and data about customers' behavior and we'll use it together to optimize brand experiences.

  • Customers and usage analysis

  • Conversion funnels & CRO Projects

  • Personalization & Data

  • Market Trends

Customer Behaviour.png

Media Pitch & Contracts

The media buying procurement process is an art of balance between needs & funds. It requires knowledge and experience. We'll fully escort the process from start to end.

  • Media/Agency pitch tools

  • Compare and valuate offers

  • Benchmarking 

  • Recommendations

In-Housing Digital Skills

We will help you grow, improve, and enhance your digital teams, facilitating a Digital Center of Excellence (DCoE) in your organizations.

  • Hybrid model (agency / team)

  • HR recruitments advisory

  • Technologies & Ecosystem characterization  

  • Acknowledging & mentoring team


Recommended by industry leaders:

"Thank you for your ideas and our mutual thinking, and the knowledge you've granted along the way. My digital-self wouldn't be as such without you"


Hagar Gaash Edri

VP Marketing @ WOW


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