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So, what FreshStart is all about?

It is about being digitally prepared.

It is about growing fast, thinking ahead and being active. 


You just can't expect to see those enormous changes in our lives and let it be ignored. You need to act fast but without being accurate & efficient, things might get wrong. 

FreshStart is a marketing growth & media consultancy agency, that will help you think about, act fast & engage stakeholders with your marketing and growth ambitions. FreshStart is about starting on with a fresh mind.

You might be reluctant or hesitant. Don't be. 
Let's talk fresh. 



FreshStart Founder & CEO

Digital & Media Expert 
Marketing Advisor

About me:

Entrepreneurial executive with over 15 years experience in selling & implementing consulting services for B2Bs & B2Cs. Vast experience in digital and media both online and offline. 

Previous Rolls:

Deputy CEO & Head of Digital @ Bakara (2010-2020)
CTO & Head of Media @ Adactive (2005-2010)

I love developing targeted solutions and execute ideas to increase performance. I love motivating people to initiate processes. I love analytical challenges that require an entrepreneurial mindset. I love lecturing and acknowledging digital media and marketing aspects

Graduated Entrepreneurship & Strategy MBA at Tel-Aviv University

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